Our Kindle Unlimited Reading List, November

Our Kindle Unlimited Reading List, November

Click on the banner above to get a one month free trial subscription to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited to get access to the entire Kindle library on any device, at any time, anywhere. To get you started, here’s our reading list for November:

“We understand that educating the citizens of this planet is only path towards sustainability.” -Kyle Michaud

Kyle Michaud explores the necessary changes society needs to make, in order to preserve and protect the planet. He discusses sustainability as it applies to businesses, products, and everyday life. Michaud gives reasonable suggestions for simple adjustments that will lead to a healthier world. This book will assist consumers in choosing safe and environmentally-friendly items, as well as understanding the advantages of living green.

Agent H2O is on a mission, chased by his evil nemesis, Scummy Pollution. Will Agent H2O reach thirsty plants and animals in time?

Follow along on his zany romp through the water cycle, as he changes disguises from a liquid drop to vapor, then to an ice crystal. The science is accurate and S.T.E.M. based. The message is important: an eco-friendly lifestyle, reduction of pollution, and water conservation. These concepts are offered in a character-driven adventure, a funny plot, and award-winning illustrations. This story will bring a smile to grown-ups and kids.

What if humanity could start all over again? In a future not so far away, a diverse group of carefully selected people are sent to Gaya, a planet very much like Earth. They want to build a better world: free of war, pollution, racism, and greed. The settlers find a paradise of undisturbed nature – but they soon meet unknown dangers, poisonous plants, and aggressive animals. And above all, they have to deal with each other: a bunch of people with different ideas and desires, memories and individual quirks. And not everyone is willing to follow the rules.

A motley crew of saboteurs wreak outrageous havoc on the corporations destroying America’s Western wilderness in this classic, comic extravaganza.

When George Washington Hayduke III returns home from war in the jungles of Southeast Asia, he finds the unspoiled West he once knew has been transformed. The pristine lands and waterways are being strip mined, dammed up, and paved over by greedy government hacks and their corrupt corporate coconspirators. And the manic, beer-guzzling, rabidly antisocial ex-Green Beret isn’t just getting mad. Hayduke plans to get even.

Together with a radical feminist from the Bronx; a wealthy, billboard-torching libertarian MD; and a disgraced Mormon polygamist, Hayduke’s ready to stick it to the Man in the most creative ways imaginable. By the time they’re done, there won’t be a bridge left standing, a dam unblown, or a bulldozer unmolested from Arizona to Utah.

Plastic is all around us. It’s one of the defining traits of this modern world. Our use of plastics has quickly boomed since the time we invented it. And even now, the world will be a much, much different place—in a bad way—without plastics.

But our use of this material, something we’ve so carelessly taken for granted, is coming back to haunt us. Plastic is polluting our world, and if we fail to act on this growing and pressing problem, there might no longer be any hope of saving the world at all.

Full of beautiful nature, you won’t believe that central Osaka, Japan, is only 30 minutes away.

Listen to the sound of the river and walk beneath the relaxing maple trees and cedars, fot it will leave you with a smile. One of the main attractions in Minoh is a famous 33-meter waterfall that has been selected as one of Japan’s top 100 Waterfalls. It has breathtaking views and sounds that will make you forget time.

Over 80 photos of baby animals from around the world, by some of the most gifted photographers around the world.

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