Our Reading List & Christmas Presents for Kids, 21 November

Our Reading List & Christmas Presents for Kids, 21 November

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Our scarcest resource is time. With determination and action, we can implement solutions rather than sit on the sidelines suffering harmful impacts. We deserve, and can have, better health and a cleaner environment, a stable climate, healthy ecosystems, sustainable use of resources, and less need for damage control. We have so much to gain. Through science and stories, Our Earth, Our Species, Our Selves makes the case for hope, optimism, and practical solutions we can take individually and collectively to green our technology, green our economy, strengthen our democracy, and create social equality.

Freelance environmental scientist Guy Lane shares insights from his 30-year quest to understand what’s next in the climate & biodiversity crisis. In just two hours, this fast-paced, science-based book lays bare the grim truth about collapse, what it means for you, and how you can help make it better.

Read It. Share It. Take Action. Start Now.

Everything we do has an impact on the world around us–from the clothes we wear and food we eat to the gardens we grow and the trash we throw away. And to take the best care of the earth–and ourselves–it’s important to make smart choices. With The Everything Kids’ Environment Book, you’ll find out what you can do every day to help protect our planet. You’ll also learn why the rainforest is so important to us, how animals go extinct, and what environmentalists can tell us about taking good care of our world.

Learn how to “go green” and to:

  • Find new uses for recycled grocery bags.
  • Create your own greenhouse.
  • Make acid rain–safely!–to see how it affect plants.
  • Test organic food against foods grown with chemicals.
  • Make your own compost pile.
  • Re-create deforestation with the soil from timbered trees.
  • Test your sensitivity to noise.

Whether you are in the classroom, surfing the Internet, or just hanging out with your friends, you can make a difference. Start today–so our Earth can live another 4.5 billion years!

The greed of man is destroying Rhino’s family, and little Rhino is feeling sad that his beautiful world has turned into a blood bath for the rhinos. He has lost his grandfather and his grandmother has been badly hurt. His mother lost her pretty horn. All this carnage has made Rhino very mad too. Who was going to help him save the Rhinos. He had dreams too that he wanted to come true. Are you willing to help baby rhino?

Christmas Presents for Kids

  • 12 experiments and building projects
  • Harness mechanical energy from water to do physical work
  • Generate electricity to light an LED
  • Learn the physics of water turnies
  • Discover why hydropower is a promising source of energy
  • 24 pieces.
  • Includes foil accents. Made from recycled paper printed with vegetable based inks. Conforms to CPSIA, ASTM, and CE standards.
  • Completed puzzle measures 6 x 6″; box measures 3 x 3″.
  • Ages 4+.
  • Includes mother Sheila, father Bruce, sister Adelaide, and baby Joey
  • All come with removable detailed clothing, have jointed arms and legs, and heads that turn
  • Sheila and Bruce Outback Koala measure approximately 3” tall. Adelaide Outback Koala is approximately 1.75” tall. Baby Joey Outback Koala is approximately 1.5” tall
  • Can be used independently or with all Calico Critters houses
  • Mix and match with other Calico Critters play sets to create a whole Calico Critters village!

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