Friday Prime Video playlist, 17 Jan 2020

Friday Prime Video playlist, 17 Jan 2020

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At Canada’s northernmost edge lies a remote and barren wilderness: Ellesmere Island. There, a family of Arctic wolves is raising a litter of pups within an unforgiving environment. This stunning documentary transports viewers to one of the far corners of Planet Earth for an intimate look at the relationships and the highly choreographed social and hunting rituals that allow the pack to survive.

Follows the path of David Fuste along with his friend Turko. However they don’t only become jumpers, since what they do is climbing without ropes with a parachute on their bags, as their only piece of “safety” gear. David also has much respect for nature and the animals, being vegan and living his life as part of the environment itself.

Plastic Shores is a documentary that explores how plastic affects the marine environment. Travelling from the International Marine Debris Conference in Hawaii to the polluted Blue Flag beaches of Cornwall, the film reveals just how bad the problem of plastic debris is and how it harms aquatic life and, potentially, human health. 300 million tonnes of plastic are produced in the world every year.

All around the world, specialised units of commandos and rangers are fighting the enemies of the environment. Their mission is to break up gangs, often genuine mafias with henchmen, who shamelessly and illegally exploit the planet’s resources. The stories of these units is the story of protecting our environment.

Raging megafires that burn for months. Super eruptions with the potential of a Hiroshima bomb exploding every two or three minutes. Asteroid strikes so violent they wiped out entire species. Devastating tsunamis, tornadoes and earthquakes. This series explores the science behind natural disasters in search of a deeper understanding, bringing spectacularly destructive forces of nature to life.