Friday Prime Video playlist, 24 Jan 2020

Friday Prime Video playlist, 24 Jan 2020

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Beyond the commotion of the cities in Romania, there is a world unbeknown to anyone. Mountains, ancient forests and expansive wetlands provide habitats to many of the continent’s most iconic creatures. Narrated by world-renowned actor, Mark Strong, Untamed Romania is a celebration of Romania’s natural beauty and diversity in all its splendour, grace and ferocity.

Sharkwater Extinction is a thrilling, action adventure journey that follows filmmaker Rob Stewart as he exposes the billion dollar illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it.

The Amazon Pink River Dolphin is one of the most mysterious species of the animal kingdom. For a long time, Not much was known about the dolphin, but now thanks to a recent discovery, scientists are finally able to understand more.

A fury is building on the surface of the Sun – high-velocity jets, a fiery tsunami wave that reaches 100,000 kilometers high, rising loops of electrified gas. What’s driving these strange phenomena? How will they affect planet Earth? Find the answers as we venture into the seething interior of our star.

10% of all plastic produced ends up in the oceans, leading to predictions that, by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea. More and more businesses are promising to recycle, including Coca-Cola, a group that sells 4000 plastic bottles every second. Can we depend on the promises made by these multinationals? We discover that their promises are as sugar-filled as their products.