Friday Prime Video playlist, 6 March 2020

Friday Prime Video playlist, 6 March 2020

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Cat Heaven Island

55min 2016 7+

Cats – hundreds and hundreds of them – define the quiet island of Tashirojima. They have just a handful of elderly human residents for company, who maintain a life steeped in fading but beautiful Japanese culture. This heart-warming documentary explores how a tight-knit community of ever more wizened pensioners find joy in their unique island identity, and affection from their feline friends.

Rise of the Great White Shark

49min 2017 ALL

This film traces the rise of the Great White Shark 11 million years ago in the wake of dramatic changes in Earth’s oceans and climate. At the end of an age dominated by giant ocean predators, white sharks evolved in tandem with seals and other pinnipeds in response to cooling conditions. This film is the result of a decade of filming white sharks by renowned “Shark Week” cameraman Andy Casagrande.

What’s With Wheat?

1h 18min 2017

‘What’s With Wheat?’ is a hard hitting investigation into the growing epidemic of wheat & gluten intolerance, and why after eating wheat for thousands of years, it has been linked to so many health problems.

Return of the River

(12)7.31h 11min201613+A documentary infused with hope, Return of the River explores an unlikely victory for environmental justice and restoration.The film follows a group of committed tribal members and activists who attempt the impossible: to change the public opinion of a town and eventually the nation to bring two dams down. Ultimately the community comes to consensus, launching the largest dam removal in history.

Dirty Paradise

1h 10min 2010 ALL

One last piece of South America belongs to Europe: French Guyana – where the native Wayna Indians live in an almost paradisiacal world. But criminal gold diggers occupy and pollute the land with mercury, through their primitive extraction techniques.