Cedarwood Dreams Incense Cones

Cedarwood Dreams Incense Cones


These incense cones are something truly special as they’ve been made from local trees, the Sacred Cedarwoods of the Cape Fold Mountains. Only fallen branches are used to produce these organic cones with an exquisite earthy, grounding and slightly sweet fragrance that brings to mind the natural pure beauty of a forest and the clean aroma of fresh cedar wood. Infuse a sacred spiritual calm into your space, clear negative energy and infuse the air with medicinal qualities of cedar wood, documented to help respiratory conditions and act as an insect repellent. Made with natural love.

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  • Locally handcrafted Cedarwood Incense
  • Organic: made from the Sacred Cedar Tree of the Cape Fold Mountains of South Africa
  • No trees are felled or cut in this process, only fallen branches are harvested
  • The exquisite fragrance is earthy, grounding and slightly sweet
  • 100% natural
  • 10 Individual Cones per box


  • Enhances spirituality
  • Clears negative energy
  • Promotes a sense of calm and is grounding
  • Medicinal properties include aiding respiratory and rheumatic conditions
  • An excellent insect repellent, burned or simply placed as is in your drawers or cupboard

To use these cones: place one on a small saucer or incense holder. Use a lighter or match to light the tip of the cone. it may take a few seconds to catch. Let the flame extinguish and it will keep burning with an ember that lets off the incense in the form of smoke. Please do not place directly on or near flammable materials as this will be a fire hazard.


Cedarwood, Gum Acacia