Bamboo Baby Newborn All-In-One Nappy

Bamboo Baby Newborn All-In-One Nappy


Break some hearts in Bamboo Baby’s dapper Denim Newborn All-In-One Nappy. The Newborn All-In-One Nappy is an eco-friendly introduction to reusable nappies ideal for the softest newborn bum. Their simple design makes them easy to put on, take off, and are a cinch on laundry day. Being sewn-in, the absorbent inserts are impossible to lose.

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  • Medium Absorbency
  • Each nappy comes with two inserts which are sewn into the liner. This means you can’t adjust absorbency, but you won’t lose your inserts.
  • Three rows of rise snaps in the front allow for small, medium, and large sizing
  • Three rows of waist snaps in the front allow one to adjust the waist fit.
  • Inserts contain one layer of Microfibre with two layers of bamboo wrapped around the Microfibre
  • The two inserts are sewn into the (PUL) waterproof cover on one side thus allowing the inserts to flap open when drying
  • Fast drying
  • The All-In-One Newborn nappy is super trim and has an umbilical cord snap down at the waist.


  • Adjust the rise snaps to achieve the right fit for baby.
  • Lay the nappy flat.
  • Position the two sewn-in inserts.
  • Place a flushable, biodegrable nappy liner over the inserts. You find these here. The flushable liner takes the solids, while the reusable bamboo inserts absorb the liquids.
  • Put on exactly like a disposable nappy, adjusting the waist snaps to get the perfect fit.
  • When the nappy is dirty, flush or throw away the biodegradable nappy liner and put the nappy in the wash bucket, ready for laundry day.

Care Instructions:

  • Pre-wash the nappies before use. Inserts that contain Bamboo only reach full absorbency after about 8-10 washes but may be worn after the first wash.
  • Wash in cold or warm water (up to 35 degrees)
  • Do not pre-soak – this will damage the bamboo fibres.
  • Store in an empty bucket until washing day (no longer than 3 days)
  • Never use softener and watch out for detergent with ‘built in’ softener. If you do use softener on your nappies this will result in poor absorbency.
  • Do not tumble dry.

Did you know? It can take anywhere between 200 to 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose.


  • Newborns (2 kg – 7 kg)


  • Nappy Sleeve Exterior: Polyurethane Laminate
  • Nappy Sleeve Interior: Brushed Polyester
  • The two inserts contain two layers of Microfibre with two layers of Bamboo wrapped around the Microfibre

Country of Origin:

  • Made in South Africa