Bonnie Bio Multi-Purpose Bags

Bonnie Bio Multi-Purpose Bags


Bonnie Bio brings you a clean and green alternative to ordinary rubbish bags. These fully biodegradable, non-toxic multi-purpose bags are made using PLA corn starch, which is just as durable as regular plastic but doesn’t choke the environment like plastic does. The multi-purpose Bonnie Bio bags are ideal for disposing of many kinds of household waste – and they break down harmlessly after use.


  • PLA corn starch bags
  • 100% toxin-free & home compostable
  • BPA-free, petroleum-free
  • Ideal for disposing of doggy doo, used nappies, sanitary products, medical waste & more
  • Durable & leak-proof
  • Convenient & eco-friendly
  • Certified BPI compostable & biodegradable
  • Packaging printed with soy-based ink
  • Sealed with a paper sleeve using corn starch adhesive
  • A sustainable alternative to petroleum-based plastic
  • Breaks down when exposed to oxygen, heat, UV light & microbial activities
  • Creates carbon dioxide, biomass & water during decomposition
  • Does not leach any toxins

Please Note: This is a natural product with a 6-month shelf life.

Did You Know? Up to 50% of plastic is used only once and then thrown away – on average, we only recycle 9% of the plastic we’re using. That’s why plastic-free alternatives are so important.


  • 60 bags (4 x rolls of 15)
  • Bag dimensions: 230mm x 330mm x 18 microns
  • Roll dimensions: 32mm diameter x 58mm long


  • PLA Corn Starch Bags with Inner Roll Cardboard Core

Country of Origin:

  • Product of South Africa