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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

On the web this week will resume normal service next Thursday! In the meantime, celebrate the spookiest of holidays with these animal inspired horror stories:

Mad scientists are a pretty common horror movie trope. Characters like Dr. Frankenstein or Seth Brundle are constantly pushing the bounds of science, putting life and limb on the line in the name of discovery. Karl P. Schmidt was like that, too. A herpetologist who worked at esteemed facilities like the American Museum of Natural History in New York and the Field Museum of Chicago, Schmidt was an expert on all things reptilian, and sometimes people would send him strange snakes for identification.
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In Nigeria there is a very mysterious band of brothers, a colorful troop of entertainers who are actually medicine men. They have a very interesting marketing tool as they perform with dangerous animals in order to attract crowds. The hyena men, as they are referred to, were born into this tradition that they have perfected, generation after the generation.
It’s hunting season – But this time, the creatures are going to track US down. Enjoy these scary hunting stories and creepy camping stories!
Given the time of year, it was only fitting that a video on some of the planets most terrifying and fascinating animals. Enjoy this Halloween special that focusses on just some of the most remarkable abyss dwelling animals.
Known for being a country of friendly folks, Canada is one of the most pleasant places you can visit. But hiding behind its friendly people, lush greenery and nearly 2 million lakes, are stories of very strange monsters and cryptids. These are the Top 5 Monsters and Cryptids of Canada.

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