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Heavy snows and drought of deadly ‘dzud’ kill more than 7 million head of livestock in Mongolia

An extreme weather phenomenon known as the dzud has killed more than 7.1 million animals in Mongolia this year

The UN says more aquatic animals were farmed than fished in 2022. That’s the first time in history

The total global volume of fish, shrimp, clams and other aquatic animals that are harvested by farming has topped the amount fished in the wild from the world’s waters for the first time ever, the United Nations reported Friday.

Eleven tonnes of rubbish taken off Himalayan peaks

The Nepalese army says it has removed eleven tonnes of rubbish, four corpses and one skeleton from Mount Everest and two other Himalayan peaks this year.

Why We Must Keep the 1.5°C Goal Alive

It is clear to many governments that allowing global warming to exceed 1.5°C involves unacceptable societal risks, undermines development, and poses an existential threat to vulnerable communities and their cultures.

World’s Oceans Face ‘Triple Threat’ of Oxygen Loss, Extreme Heat and Acidification, Study Finds

A new study has found that the planet’s oceans are experiencing a “triple threat” of oxygen loss, extreme heat and acidification.

‘Godfathers of climate chaos’: UN chief urges global fossil-fuel advertising ban

Fossil-fuel companies are the “godfathers of climate chaos” and should be banned in every country from advertising akin to restrictions on big tobacco, the secretary general of the United Nations has said while delivering dire new scientific warnings of global heating.

Plastic munching marine fungus found in Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Newly discovered marine fungus called Parengyodontium album was spotted on plastic debris found floating in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Spain turns cemeteries into solar powerhouses, aims 440,000 kW by 2030

The Spanish city of Valencia has an innovative plan to generate clean energy—turning cemeteries into hubs of green energy by installing solar panels on top.

People are altering decomposition rates in waterways

Faster decomposition could exacerbate greenhouse gas emissions, threaten biodiversity

Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Is Melting Even Faster Than Scientists Thought

Warming waters are reaching several miles into Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier—nicknamed the “doomsday glacier” because of its potential impact on sea-level rise

Climate change is moving tree populations away from the soil fungi that sustain them

As our planet warms, many species are shifting to different locations as their historical habitats become inhospitable.

UK breakthrough could slash emissions from cement

Scientists say they’ve found a way to recycle cement from demolished concrete buildings.