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Heavy snows and drought of deadly ‘dzud’ kill more than 7 million head of livestock in Mongolia

An extreme weather phenomenon known as the dzud has killed more than 7.1 million animals in Mongolia this year

Why Are Tuna Crabs Swarming Off the Coast of San Diego?

Scientists are perplexed by the massive group of crustaceans, but they suspect the animals were pushed north by strong ocean currents originating near Mexico

Orcas have attacked and sunk another boat in Europe — and experts warn there could be more attacks soon

A group of orcas known to attack boats in southwest Europe have sunk a 50-foot sailing yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar after ripping open its hull.

Scaling up: the app that’s transforming lives in South African fishing communities

Abalobi provides a real-time marketplace for fishers to sell their catch, while also monitoring fish populations, and the tech could go global

A strange fungus could transform emerging cicadas into ‘saltshakers of death,’ scientists say

This spring, billions of cicadas will emerge after more than a decade underground, ready to climb into the trees and make a ruckus as they sing to attract mates.

In the Caribbean, Hammerhead Sharks Return to School

The detection of schooling behavior is a promising sign of recovery for the iconic and endangered hammerhead shark

In Bangladesh, olive ridley turtles break 4-year record with 53% increase in eggs

Bangladesh has seen the highest number of olive ridley turtle eggs this year, a conservationist group says.

Venomous lionfish are invading the Mediterranean Sea. The rise of these deadly predators has scientists worried

Lionfish’s rapid spread across the Mediterranean, including to habitats previously thought to be unsuitable, could have significant ecological impacts.

Octopuses could lose eyesight and struggle to survive if ocean temperatures keep rising, study finds

Heat stress from global heating could lead to impaired vision and increased deaths of pregnant mothers and their unborn young, Australian researchers say

Saving a Sea Monkey Sanctuary

As the Great Salt Lake in Utah shrinks, locals are working to preserve its critical brine shrimp fishery—along with the other entities that flourish in the lake’s strange, saline beauty.

‘We found 700 different species’: astonishing array of wildlife discovered in Cambodia mangroves

Hairy-nosed otters and cats that catch fish are among the startling diversity of creatures making their home in threatened habitats

Sea Otters Have Helped Bolster California’s Kelp Forest

A study that looks back more than 100 years shows that where sea otters have thrived, underwater forests have, too