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El Niño forecast to drive record heat from the Amazon to Alaska in 2024

The current climate event known as El Niño is likely to supercharge global heating and deliver record-breaking temperatures from the Amazon to Alaska in 2024, analysis has found.

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Florida coral reef still struggling after 2023 heat wave

Coral reefs off the Florida Keys islands are struggling to recover from last summer’s record-breaking heat wave, new data showed Thursday, in another sign of the devastating impacts of human-caused climate change.

Arctic “report card” points to rapid and dramatic impacts of climate change

This past summer in the Arctic was the warmest since 1900, contributing to disasters across the wider region, including flooding in Juneau, Alaska and a record wildfire season in Canada.

Record-breaking heat set to hit southern hemisphere as summer begins

The northern hemisphere experienced a sweltering summer due to climate and meteorological patters. Scientists say the south will not escape.

Global Heat Record for September ‘Shattered’ by Wide Margin

Earth’s average temperature has “shattered” the previous record for September by more than 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit, the biggest monthly margin ever recorded.