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Landmark Report Details Just Path to Energy Transition and 1.5°C Target

Recommendations include tripling renewable energy capacity by 2030, phasing out fossil fuels by 2050, and providing the Global South with the means to fund its energy transition.

In push to expand EV charging network, France and Denmark go big

The European Union is not fooling around, and European countries are under pressure to adhere to ambitious plans to get their roadways up and ready for the total phaseout of fossil fuels in the years ahead.

These Maasai women have developed an eco-friendly way to turn invasive cacti into bio-fuel

Local farmers say the cacti now compete for critical resources, jeopardising community lands, wildlife reserves and livestock ranches.

They went hunting for fossil fuels. What they found could help save the world

White hydrogen – also referred to as “natural,” “gold” or “geologic” hydrogen – is naturally produced or present in the Earth’s crust and has become something of a climate holy grail.

‘Electrowinning’ could help win the race to clean up dirty steel

Startup Electra wants to replace blast furnaces with battery-like systems that use acid solution and clean electricity to pull pure iron out of low-grade steel ores.

The Kenyan entrepreneur turning plastic to fuel

Could plastic waste fuel your car? One Kenyan entrepreneur is doing just that.

IEA Says ‘Unprecedented’ Clean Energy Surge Has Kept Key Warming Target Alive

The pathway to 1.5°C has narrowed in the past two years, but clean energy technologies are keeping it open

The world’s largest wind turbine set a new electricity generation record – during a typhoon

The world’s largest offshore wind turbine has set a new world record for electricity generation by an individual wind turbine in a 24-hour period.

Ticino, the Argentinean town lit by peanut shells, where the power never goes out

Using this biomass resource, a power plant supplies 3,000 inhabitants with clean energy and resolves a long-standing environmental and social problem

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone Expands to Entire City

To reduce traffic emissions in the City of London, Mayor Sadiq Khan has expanded London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which imposes a daily charge on the vehicles that pollute most, to the entire city.

‘Climate Scam’: 180+ Groups Tell Biden to Drop Support for Hydrogen

“Calling hydrogen clean energy is a scam to prop up the oil and gas industry,” said one campaigner.

‘Historic and Wonderful’: Ecuadorians Reject Oil Drilling in Precious Amazon Region

Ecuadorians voted overwhelmingly on Sunday to reject oil drilling in a section of Yasuní National Park, the most biodiverse area of the imperiled Amazon rainforest.