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Experts revive ancient techniques to make concrete more sustainable

A team of experts from EPFL, ETH Zurich, and Archiplein has developed a new type of non-reinforced concrete from stone offcuts. Using methods found in historical archives, the team reduced their use of carbon-intensive cement. They built and tested six load-bearing walls using recovered stone-quarry waste and three types of mortar-based binders.

Band Walks 870 Miles on Tour to Promote More Sustainability in the Music Industry

Filkin’s Drift, a band of two based in Birmingham, UK, have been highlighting sustainability in their latest tour by walking about 870 miles along the coast of Wales.

Two South Africans among 188 women heading to Antarctica for environmental sustainability programme

More than 180 women, including two South Africans, are embarking on a voyage to Antarctica in November to promote sustainability and study its ecosystem.

The pioneer biotech turning seaweed into bioplastics

Sustainable biotech innovator Kelpi has secured funding to further develop its pioneering technology creating bioplastics from seaweed.

The ultimate eco building – made of salt, sunflowers and recycled urine

Its door handles are made of salt. Its walls are made of sunflowers. Its furniture is made of Japanese knotweed. And it was stained with dyes made from filtered urine. Is this recycling marvel in southern France the future of architecture?

Progressives Call for Embrace of ‘Green Steel’ Manufacturing

“It’s time that the steel industry take the growing need and demand for fossil-free steel seriously,” said one advocate.

Revolutionizing Cultured Meat: Lab-Grown Fat Unlocks Realistic Flavor and Texture

Scientists have successfully proposed lab-grown adipose tissue on a substantial scale, paving the way for the possibility of large-scale production of cultured meat.

Another Cell-Based Meat Has Been Certified As Safe To Eat By The FDA

UPSIDE Foods and GOOD Meat are closer to selling their cell-based meat products in the US

‘Drink to dust’: Startup says just smash its clay alternative to plastic cups

Disposable plastic and paper cups are an environmental mess. GaeaStar, a startup based in Berlin and San Francisco, thinks it can do better with just clay, water, salt and sand.

Paper or plastic? Instead ask which companies are innovating recycling

Paper or plastic? If you’re looking to invest in the packaging that’s best for the environment, the answer is… it’s complicated.

Rice into low-carbon plastic: bringing hope to a struggling Fukushima town

Last November, Tokyo-based firm Biomass Resin opened a factory in Namie to turn locally-grown rice into plastic pellets.

Climate-resistant grapes? Spanish winemakers revive ancient varieties

Forgotten grapes offer adaptation hope for an industry particularly sensitive to change