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Global Tribunal Issues ‘Historic’ Ruling for Oceans and Small Island Nations

An international tribunal on Tuesday delivered a decision that green groups and leaders of small island nations celebrated as a “groundbreaking victory for ocean and climate protection.”

Why Are Tuna Crabs Swarming Off the Coast of San Diego?

Scientists are perplexed by the massive group of crustaceans, but they suspect the animals were pushed north by strong ocean currents originating near Mexico

Orcas have attacked and sunk another boat in Europe — and experts warn there could be more attacks soon

A group of orcas known to attack boats in southwest Europe have sunk a 50-foot sailing yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar after ripping open its hull.

Scaling up: the app that’s transforming lives in South African fishing communities

Abalobi provides a real-time marketplace for fishers to sell their catch, while also monitoring fish populations, and the tech could go global

In the Caribbean, Hammerhead Sharks Return to School

The detection of schooling behavior is a promising sign of recovery for the iconic and endangered hammerhead shark

In Bangladesh, olive ridley turtles break 4-year record with 53% increase in eggs

Bangladesh has seen the highest number of olive ridley turtle eggs this year, a conservationist group says.

Great Barrier Reef’s worst bleaching leaves giant coral graveyard: ‘It looks as if it has been carpet bombed’

Scientists stunned by scale of destruction after summer of storm surges, cyclones and floods

Estuaries, the ‘nurseries of the sea’, are disappearing fast

Study reveals repurposing of ecologically vital land for homes or agriculture is happening particularly rapidly in Asia

Venomous lionfish are invading the Mediterranean Sea. The rise of these deadly predators has scientists worried

Lionfish’s rapid spread across the Mediterranean, including to habitats previously thought to be unsuitable, could have significant ecological impacts.

Scientists Are Trying to Coax the Ocean to Absorb More CO2

Startup companies and researchers are experimenting with ‘marine carbon dioxide removal’ by altering the chemistry of the ocean and sinking biomass to the seafloor.

The world dumps 2,000 truckloads of plastic into the ocean each day. Here’s where a lot of it ends up

The world produces around 400 million metric tons of plastic waste each year. Every day, 2,000 truckloads of it is dumped into the ocean, rivers and lakes.