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Study finds 17 mountains at high risk of losing biodiversity under climate change

Species living in 17 mountains around the world are facing the risk of extinction due to the rapid rate of warming attributed to climate change.

Environment stable in 2023 but biodiversity takes a whack

An annual, independent assessment of Australia’s environment has found several silver linings amid longer-term declines exacerbated by climate change.

Just 18% of Land Needed to Meet Biodiversity Goals Is Adequately Protected, Study Finds

A new study has found that much of the land needed to preserve biodiversity and maintain well-being for humans is lacking protections that would prevent development.

Sound recordings and AI tell us if forests are recovering, new study from Ecuador shows

Acoustic monitoring and AI tools were used to track biodiversity recovery in plots of tropical Chocó forest in northwestern Ecuador.

Time to Treat Climate and Biodiversity Crises as One Global Health Emergency, Major Editorial Argues

A new editorial published in more than 200 health journals challenges health professionals and world leaders to look at global biodiversity loss and climate change as “one indivisible crisis” that must be confronted as a whole.

‘A joy to watch’: UK rewilding brings endangered species back from brink

Local wildlife restoration starting to boost populations of dormice, birds, butterflies and others – and helping humans along the way

Northern Wilderness Could Turn to Farmland as Climate Warms

Some wilderness areas in northern climates have begun to be more suitable for agriculture due to climate change.

Nearly Half of Flowering Plant Species Face Threat of Extinction

Global scientists warned Tuesday that 45% of known flowering plant species could be at risk of disappearing, underscoring the need for urgent international action to tackle the planet’s sixth mass extinction—the first driven by human activity.

Abandoned Lands: A Hidden Resource for Restoring Biodiversity

Abandoned farmland has been increasing, with a billion acres — an area half the size of Australia — lost globally.