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Extreme Weather

The water has turned a shocking shade of magenta in this Hawaii refuge

Water at the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, one of the few coastal salt marshes on the island of Maui, has been bright pink since at least October 30.

Extreme temperatures are tied to more than half a million stroke deaths a year. With climate change, expect more

In 2019 alone, more than half a million people died due to a stroke linked to high and low temperatures, a new study found.

In Indonesia, deforestation is intensifying disasters from severe weather and climate change

Government officials blamed the floods on heavy rainfall, but environmental groups have cited the disaster as the latest example of deforestation and environmental degradation intensifying the effects of severe weather across Indonesia.

Extreme drought in southern Africa leaves millions hungry

The drought in Zimbabwe, neighboring Zambia and Malawi has reached crisis levels.

El Niño forecast to drive record heat from the Amazon to Alaska in 2024

The current climate event known as El Niño is likely to supercharge global heating and deliver record-breaking temperatures from the Amazon to Alaska in 2024, analysis has found.

Another Climate Impact Hits the Public’s Radar: A Wetter World Is Mudslide City

L.A. saw 592 mudslides in one week, a reminder that excessive precipitation events set off more than flooding.

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Florida coral reef still struggling after 2023 heat wave

Coral reefs off the Florida Keys islands are struggling to recover from last summer’s record-breaking heat wave, new data showed Thursday, in another sign of the devastating impacts of human-caused climate change.

Scientists discovered a surprising cooling trend on glaciers in Mount Everest 10 years ago. Now they think they know what’s causing it.

Climate scientists observed a peculiar cooling trend in Himalayan glaciers 10 years ago. They now think the trend may be the result of intensifying winds that can reach over 100 mph.

‘Life-threatening’ storm system batters California, with flooding and high winds

First-ever hurricane-force wind warning along California coast, with millions of people under flood watches and power out for close to a million

Why we still have brutal cold snaps even as the planet warms to record levels

After a summer of record-breaking heat, vast swaths of the United States are now grappling with extreme cold as a brutal Arctic blast brings snow squalls, deadly ice and life-threatening wind chills.

More records tumble as China cold snap persists

More low temperature records tumbled across China on Thursday, as the country endures a persistent cold snap that has crowned a year of extreme weather.