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Extreme Weather

Greece shuts Acropolis and Adriatic Sea hits record-high temperature as extreme heat bakes Europe

The Acropolis in Greece shut for hours, record-breaking ocean temperatures off Croatia and plans to feed zoo animals popsicles in Italy — southern Europe is baking under a “hellishly hot” heat wave.

Dubai heatwave: Temperature feels like 62°C as scientists explain extreme conditions

Dubai is experiencing an intense heatwave with the “feels like” temperature soaring to 62C (143.6 Fahrenheit), according to US-based weather reports.

‘Level 8 storm’ incoming: City slammed as 70 neighbourhoods report flooded roads, houses

Cape Town – As torrential rains and heavy winds continue to batter the metro, a level 8 warning has been issued that it will likely get worse tomorrow.

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest sees worst 6 months of wildfires in 20 years, data shows

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest saw its worst six-month period of wildfires in 20 years despite a decrease in deforestation, satellite data showed Monday.

Climate Emergency Causes Extreme Wildfires to Double in Frequency: Study

“Climate change is not something off in the future,” said one scientist. “It’s happening before our very eyes.”

Heavy snows and drought of deadly ‘dzud’ kill more than 7 million head of livestock in Mongolia

An extreme weather phenomenon known as the dzud has killed more than 7.1 million animals in Mongolia this year

Extreme heat forces school closures across Asia, affecting millions of students

Experts say rising temperatures and the resulting disruptions threaten to widen the learning gaps between developing and developed countries.

The water has turned a shocking shade of magenta in this Hawaii refuge

Water at the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, one of the few coastal salt marshes on the island of Maui, has been bright pink since at least October 30.

Extreme temperatures are tied to more than half a million stroke deaths a year. With climate change, expect more

In 2019 alone, more than half a million people died due to a stroke linked to high and low temperatures, a new study found.

In Indonesia, deforestation is intensifying disasters from severe weather and climate change

Government officials blamed the floods on heavy rainfall, but environmental groups have cited the disaster as the latest example of deforestation and environmental degradation intensifying the effects of severe weather across Indonesia.

Extreme drought in southern Africa leaves millions hungry

The drought in Zimbabwe, neighboring Zambia and Malawi has reached crisis levels.