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In the Caribbean, Hammerhead Sharks Return to School

The detection of schooling behavior is a promising sign of recovery for the iconic and endangered hammerhead shark

‘We found 700 different species’: astonishing array of wildlife discovered in Cambodia mangroves

Hairy-nosed otters and cats that catch fish are among the startling diversity of creatures making their home in threatened habitats

Sea Otters Have Helped Bolster California’s Kelp Forest

A study that looks back more than 100 years shows that where sea otters have thrived, underwater forests have, too

Rhino orphan Wyntir welcomes her second calf: A symbol of hope for conservation effort

Care for Wild recently celebrated as rehabilitated rhino orphan Wyntir gave birth to her second calf, marking a milestone in conservation efforts.

Playing thriving reef sounds on underwater speakers ‘could save damaged corals’

Coral larvae more likely to settle on degraded reefs bathed in marine soundscapes, Caribbean study shows

The secret to saving our reefs may lie in the sea cucumber

Although the humble sea cucumber may not look like much, it could soon be recruited to help save the world’s coral reefs.

Greenpeace calls for high seas protected area in Galapagos

Greenpeace on Monday called for the creation of a high seas marine protected zone under a new UN treaty to secure a much wider area around Ecuador’s famous Galapagos archipelago.

Colorado could bring back wolverines in an unprecedented rewilding effort

A bipartisan group of Colorado lawmakers are proposing legislation to reintroduce wolverines, one of the country’s rarest carnivores, into a state primed with deep snow and high mountains.

Mexican Wolf Population Grows for Eighth Consecutive Year

The wild population of Mexican wolves saw another year of growth in 2023, according to the results of the annual survey.

Ridding Macquarie Island of pests pays off as seabirds come back from the brink – but recovery has just begun

One of the largest publicly funded conservation investments in history is starting to pay off on Macquarie Island.

Hungry sea otters are helping save California’s marshlands from erosion

The return of sea otters and their voracious appetites has helped rescue a section of California marshland, a new study shows.

Just 18% of Land Needed to Meet Biodiversity Goals Is Adequately Protected, Study Finds

A new study has found that much of the land needed to preserve biodiversity and maintain well-being for humans is lacking protections that would prevent development.