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A strange fungus could transform emerging cicadas into ‘saltshakers of death,’ scientists say

This spring, billions of cicadas will emerge after more than a decade underground, ready to climb into the trees and make a ruckus as they sing to attract mates.

Meadow brown butterflies ‘adapt’ to global heating by developing fewer spots

Study finds female chrysalises that develop at higher temperatures have fewer eyespots, making them harder to see in dry grass

Entomologist Discovers Beautiful New Species of Damselfly

Dr. Kenneth Tennessen, a researcher at the Florida State Collection of Arthropods, has described a new species of the damselfly genus Psaironeura from Central and South America.

‘A joy to watch’: UK rewilding brings endangered species back from brink

Local wildlife restoration starting to boost populations of dormice, birds, butterflies and others – and helping humans along the way

Coffee and Cocoa Plants Especially at Risk From Pollinator Losses

The loss of pollinator insects is putting some of the most popular tropical crops in the world — like cocoa, coffee, mango and watermelon — at risk

Scientists “Stunned” by Bumblebees’ Ability To Fight Off Invasive Asian Hornets

Researchers found that buff-tailed bumblebees effectively defend against Asian hornet attacks by dropping to the ground.

Unraveling Africa’s Fairy Circle Mystery – Researchers Identify True Source

For over a decade, the origin of the numerous circular bare patches amidst the African grasslands, known as fairy circles, has been a topic of discussion among researchers.

Ground-Level Ozone Pollution Threatens Food Security: Bees’ Vital Role in Jeopardy

A new study has found that air pollution is preventing pollinators finding flowers because it degrades the scent.

Bees, plants among the more than 200 species in jeopardy, due to neonicotinoid use

Many species that have faced precipitous population declines still do not have protections, yet they also are vulnerable to neonics. The Hine’s emerald dragonfly has many names — Hine’s bog skimmer, the hook-tipped emerald. One name, the Ohio emerald, no…

Why We Are Fighting to Save the Pollinators From Neonics

We all eat, and we all rely on honeybees and other pollinators to create and sustain our food supply. This is a battle humanity cannot afford to lose.