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Electric Vehicles

The first EV with a lithium-free sodium battery hits the road in January

Sodium-ion batteries have lower density but are cheaper and perform better in cold weather.

Half of London’s famed black cab taxi fleet are now EVs

Half of London’s black cab fleet, totaling 7972 vehicles, now consists of zero-emission battery electric vehicles, predominantly from China’s Geely division, LEVC, demonstrating the city’s successful efforts towards sustainable transportation and improved air quality.

280 million e-bikes are slashing oil demand far more than electric vehicles

E-bikes and scooters displace 4x as much demand for oil as all of the EVs in the world.

In push to expand EV charging network, France and Denmark go big

The European Union is not fooling around, and European countries are under pressure to adhere to ambitious plans to get their roadways up and ready for the total phaseout of fossil fuels in the years ahead.

Solar-Powered Car Completes 620-Mile Test Drive Across North Africa

Stella Terra, the first off-road solar-powered car, recently completed a test drive of 620 miles across north Africa without recharging.

India approves $7 bln plan for electric buses in nearly 170 cities

India on Wednesday approved plans for a nearly 580 billion rupee ($7 billion) scheme to deploy 10,000 electric buses in 169 cities over a decade, along with charging and associated infrastructure facilities.

Canada’s first hydrogen train is taking passengers

The first hydrogen-powered train in North America is taking riders on a two-and-a-half hour trip through central Quebec this summer.

Volkswagen Announces Plans for a More Affordable Electric Car

German carmaker Volkswagen (VW) has announced the details of a new electric car concept — dubbed the ID. 2all — that will sell for less than $26,534.

Could Conventional Cars Be Converted to EVs to Fight Climate Change?

As the world transitions to electric vehicles (EVs), what should happen to all the gas guzzlers that will remain on the roads?

Popular Hybrid Car Brands Like BMW and Peugeot Emit More CO2 Than They Claim, Study Finds

Plug-in hybrid cars are sold to drivers and governments as part of the climate solution. The truth is they pollute far more than advertised.

Step Aboard the Solar-Powered ‘Tesla on the Water’

Innovative design firm Crossboundaries worked with the owner of a 15-by-four meter (approximately 49-by-13 foot) motorboat to transform it into a comfortable, solar-powered “Tesla on the Water.”

Mercedes-Benz will build a $1 billion EV fast-charging network in the US

Working with ChargePoint, Mercedes-Benz will install more than 2,500 EV chargers at 400 sites by 2027.