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Solomon Islands: ship crew accused of dumping 1,000 tonnes of oil in sea

Government alleges bulk carrier discharged heavy fuel oil into the sea off Santa Cruz island

A bulk carrier ship has deliberately dumped about 1,000 tonnes of oil into the sea off the coast of the Solomon Islands, government authorities have alleged.

The Panama-flagged MV Quebec, which was in the Solomons carrying a logging shipment for a Chinese company, is accused of discharging heavy fuel oil into Graciosa Bay in Temotu province in late January.

The premier of Temotu, Clay Forau, said he believed ships regularly deliberately polluted Solomons Islands waters.


“Its obvious these ships go around breaking our laws on sea pollution all the time,” Forau told the Guardian. “The only difference is they got caught this time.”

Full story by Dorothy Wickham at The Guardian

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