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In the Caribbean, Hammerhead Sharks Return to School

The detection of schooling behavior is a promising sign of recovery for the iconic and endangered hammerhead shark

Photographer gives possible first ever look at newborn great white shark

Great white sharks considered vulnerable on International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species

Are great white sharks returning to South African waters?

South Africa has long been celebrated as one of the world’s prime destinations for encountering great white sharks, drawing scientists, tourists and thrill-seekers from all over to the country’s coastline

Sharks spotted swimming near Muizenberg beach ‘not known to pose a risk’

Following a viral video showing sharks close to Muizenberg beach, Cape Town’s deputy mayor, Eddie Andrews, assured the public that these bronze whaler sharks pose no risk to beachgoers. The Shark Spotters organization, which offers early shark warnings, observed a decrease in great white sharks in recent years. Although, Andrews still encouraged beachgoers to abide by the four-flag warning system for safety.

Cape’s missing great white shark mystery solved, with implications for cross-border conservation

When two orcas arrived in False Bay, Cape Town, great white shark sightings dropped dramatically. Eight years later, the sharks still haven’t returned.

South African Great White Sharks: Conservation Success and Distribution Shifts Raise New Challenges

South Africa’s great white sharks are changing locations – they need to be monitored for beach safety and conservation

Short film shines light on South Africa’s untamed coastline

A new short film explores South Africa’s underwater vastness to reveal sanctuaries where sharks and rays find refuge.

Video: Gigantic Great White Shark Investigates Surfers in South Africa

“I honestly thought I was going to witness a shark attack.”

This Filter-Feeding Shark Is Not Cold-Blooded, And It’s Confusing Scientists

Scientists have discovered an exceptional case of a partially warm-blooded fish, fundamentally changing our understanding of fish physiology.

Brazil seizes world’s biggest illegal shark fin consignment

Brazilian authorities said on Monday they had seized 28.7 metric tonnes of illegally obtained shark fins that would be exported to Asia, in what they called the world’s largest confiscation of its kind at the origin.

Orca conflict with great white shark caught on camera

Another predatory encounter between two orcas and a great white shark was caught on camera near Mossel Bay on Sunday morning.

Two-thirds of sharks and ray in coral reefs facing extinction: SFU study

Nearly two-thirds of all sharks and rays that live among coral reefs are threatened with extinction.