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UK breakthrough could slash emissions from cement

Scientists say they’ve found a way to recycle cement from demolished concrete buildings.

Alaskan rivers turning orange due to climate change, study finds

Dozens of rivers and streams in Alaska are turning rusty orange, a likely consequence of thawing permafrost, a new study finds.

Global Tribunal Issues ‘Historic’ Ruling for Oceans and Small Island Nations

An international tribunal on Tuesday delivered a decision that green groups and leaders of small island nations celebrated as a “groundbreaking victory for ocean and climate protection.”

K-pop fans around globe rally for climate and environment goals

Fans of Korean pop bands around the world are urging K-pop entertainers to cut waste and raising awareness about climate-related issues.

Outgoing UN Expert Calls for Global Grassroots Movement to Dislodge ‘Diesel Mafia’

The growing global recognition of the human right to a clean environment “is up against an even more powerful force in the global economy, a system that is absolutely based on the exploitation of people and nature,” said David Boyd.

Extreme heat forces school closures across Asia, affecting millions of students

Experts say rising temperatures and the resulting disruptions threaten to widen the learning gaps between developing and developed countries.

Octopuses could lose eyesight and struggle to survive if ocean temperatures keep rising, study finds

Heat stress from global heating could lead to impaired vision and increased deaths of pregnant mothers and their unborn young, Australian researchers say

270 million people are living on sinking land in China’s major cities, new study finds

Land is sinking underneath millions of peoples’ feet in China’s major cities due to human activities, putting the country’s coastal areas more at risk of flooding and rising sea levels, new research shows.

Saving a Sea Monkey Sanctuary

As the Great Salt Lake in Utah shrinks, locals are working to preserve its critical brine shrimp fishery—along with the other entities that flourish in the lake’s strange, saline beauty.

Billions in ‘magical’ spending questioned as coral reefs fail around the world

Climate change has been singled out as the leading cause of bleaching across the world’s coral reefs.

Extreme temperatures are tied to more than half a million stroke deaths a year. With climate change, expect more

In 2019 alone, more than half a million people died due to a stroke linked to high and low temperatures, a new study found.