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Watch: Wild Elephant Finds Bag Of Drugs In Forest In China

The video shows the elephant breaking away from the pack and sweeping the ground with its trunk before tossing up a bag of black bag.

China’s summer of climate destruction

China’s summer this year has seen both extreme heat and devastating floods.

Chinese scientists create edible food packaging to replace plastic

By incorporating certain soy proteins into the structure, Chinese University of Hong Kong scientists successfully created edible food packaging.

Climate change: China’s green power surge offers hope on warming

Wind and solar power are booming in China and may help limit global carbon emissions far faster than expected, according to a new study.

Flying squirrels in China have discovered a clever new trick to store nuts for longer

Two species of tropical flying squirrels have worked out that if they nibble grooves around nuts to store them between tree branches, they are preserved for longer.

Shanghai breaks 100-year-old heat record amid intense heatwave

China’s financial hub Shanghai experienced its hottest day in May in over a century amid an ongoing heatwave that has gripped large parts of the country’s southern region.

Thick sandstorms shroud Beijing and several provinces in China

Capital Beijing and several provinces in China will be affected by thick, dense sandstorms that will severely affect visibility, Chinese weather authorities said on Wednesday.

In China, 1 million people are at risk from glacier-melt flooding, a disaster threat set to grow with global warming

Glacial lake outburst floods – or GLOFs – threaten 15 million people around the world, including vulnerable populations in western China

China’s biggest lake declares ‘red alert’ as long drought lingers

The central Chinese province of Jiangxi has declared a water supply “red alert” after the Poyang freshwater lake dwindled to a record low

Extreme China heatwave could lead to global chaos and food shortages

Cars. Batteries. Solar panels. Food. Global shortages and soaring prices are almost certain as China’s seemingly never-ending heatwave sears on.

China’s Yangtze river shrinks as heatwave, drought threaten crops

Regions that rely on the Yangtze, China’s longest river, are having to deploy pumps and cloud-seeding rockets as a long drought depletes water levels and threatens crops, and a heatwave is set to last another two weeks.

UN projects world population will reach 8 billion on Nov. 15

The United Nations estimated Monday that the world’s population will reach 8 billion on Nov. 15 and that India will replace China as the world’s most populous nation