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Delhi’s Anand Vihar sees 999 AQI: How much should it be?

The Air Quality Index in Delhi’s Anand Vihar touched a massive 999 on 2 November.

‘We Knew This Was Coming’: Deadly Himalayan Dam Burst Was Predicted by Scientists

The climate crisis is melting ice in the Himalayas, threatening to overflow glacial lakes as the Indian government rushes to build new dams.

India floods: 14 killed and 102 missing after lake overflows and highways washed away

Catastrophic overflow of Lhonak Lake in state of Sikkim caused a dam to partially collapse and submerged army bases

Air Pollution in the World’s Most Polluted City ‘Delhi’ is Reducing Life Expectancy by Nearly 12 Years, Finds Study

Delhi, the most polluted city in the world, is grappling with a severe air pollution crisis that is resulting in a staggering reduction of life expectancy by 11.9 years, as revealed by a recent study.

‘Things not going well’: plan to return cheetahs to India under fire after six die within months

A controversial attempt to reintroduce cheetahs to the wild has suffered a major setback after three adults and three cubs died over the past eight months.

Wild Tiger Population Rises in India

The numbers of wild tigers in India has more than doubled from 2010 to 2022, based on the All India Tiger Estimation (AITE) 2022 released this week. The 2022 count includes at least 3,167 wild tigers, up from 1,411 in 2010.

‘We can’t take their homes’: how the ‘Nest Man of India’ is saving sparrows

At the optimistically named Happy School, in a neighbourhood of Old Delhi, a gaggle of entranced children watch intently as they are shown how to weave together materials to make a sparrow’s nest.

First cheetah cubs born in India since extinction 70 years ago

India has welcomed the birth of four cheetah cubs – more than 70 years after the animals were declared officially extinct there.

India to get more than 100 cheetahs from South Africa

South Africa said Thursday that it had reached a deal to transfer more than 100 cheetahs to India as part of an ambitious project to reintroduce the spotted cats in the south Asian country.

2022 Was A Poach-Free Year For Kaziranga’s Rhinos, A First Since 1977

No rhinos in the Kaziranga National Park were lost to poaching in 2022, marking a first for the protected nature reserve since 1977.

How cheetahs will be brought from Africa to India

Next week, a group of cheetahs are finally expected to make a long journey from Africa to their new home in a sprawling national park in India.

UN projects world population will reach 8 billion on Nov. 15

The United Nations estimated Monday that the world’s population will reach 8 billion on Nov. 15 and that India will replace China as the world’s most populous nation