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This Antarctic glacier dramatically retreated. Then, its ice shelf totally collapsed

Cadman Glacier in Antarctica retreated 5 miles in just 2.5 years, causing its ice shelf to collapse, according to scientists who used satellite images and ocean measurements. Higher ocean temperatures likely hastened the glacier’s deterioration, which contributes to global sea level rise. This indicates potential similar threats for neighboring glaciers.

UN Chief Calls Antarctica ‘Sleeping Giant… Being Awoken by Climate Chaos’

“It is profoundly shocking to stand on the ice of Antarctica and hear directly from scientists how fast the ice is disappearing.”

Paris polar summit: Melting ice takes center stage

Recent studies have shown vital ice sheets are melting at unprecedented rates. Scientists, politicians and NGOs are gathering in Paris for a Polar Summit.

Scientists discover hidden landscape ‘frozen in time’ under Antarctic ice

Scientists have discovered a vast, hidden landscape of hills and valleys carved by ancient rivers that has been “frozen in time” under the Antarctic ice for millions of years.

Two South Africans among 188 women heading to Antarctica for environmental sustainability programme

More than 180 women, including two South Africans, are embarking on a voyage to Antarctica in November to promote sustainability and study its ecosystem.

Key chunk of Antarctica destined to melt even if humanity slashes carbon emissions, study says

No matter how much the world cuts back on carbon emissions, a key and sizable chunk of Antarctica is essentially doomed to an “unavoidable” melt, a new study found.

Greenland’s Ice Sheet Surface Melt Is Accelerating While Antarctica’s Slows Down, Study Finds

According to a new study,  Greenland’s surface ice has been melting has increased in recent decades, while surface ice melt in Antarctica has slowed.

Antarctica has lost 7.5tn tonnes of ice since 1997, scientists find

Study finds more than 40% of ice shelves have shrunk, with millions of tonnes of freshwater entering ocean

Flowers are starting to spread in Antarctica and experts say that’s not good news

Bringing a pop of color and a promise of spring, flowers are usually a welcome sight – but not in Antarctica.

Even Dimming The Sun Wouldn’t Save Antarctica’s Ice Now, Scientists Say

Geoengineering is often presented as a last-resort technological fix to the climate crisis that can still swoop in and save the day.

But new models suggest that such risky measures, like dimming the Sun, are not enough to save Antarctica now.

10 Ways the World Would Radically Change if Antarctica Melted

Scientists believe the melting of all the ice in Antarctica is no longer a far-away possibility but a coming certainty. The magnitude of this event would be staggering.