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In push to expand EV charging network, France and Denmark go big

The European Union is not fooling around, and European countries are under pressure to adhere to ambitious plans to get their roadways up and ready for the total phaseout of fossil fuels in the years ahead.

European packaging producers embrace the circular economy

New research commissioned by material technologies business, Aquapak, with sustainable packaging producers and users in the UK, Italy and Germany, shows that European packaging businesses are committed to the circular economy, but few are acting ahead of legislation.

Dam fine work: record number of barrier removals helps restore rivers across Europe

A record number of river barriers, including dams and weirs, were removed across Europe in 2022, with at least 325 taken down in 16 countries, allowing rivers to flow freely and migratory fish to reach breeding areas.

Parts of Europe face risk of drought after historically low winter rainfall

Europe saw the third warmest January on record at the beginning of this year, according to the Copernicus climate monitor.

Army of scientists battles bacteria that has annihilated millions of olive trees

Blanca Landa heads an international project to stop the spread of ‘Xylella fastidiosa’, a bacteria that is threatening the Mediterranean agricultural sector

Satellite images show dramatic lack of snow in ski resorts as heat in Europe ‘annihilates’ records

Striking satellite images have revealed dirty brown hillsides around what should be pristine, white snow-covered ski resorts as record-breaking January heat hits all over Europe.

‘Absolute Madness’: Record-Shattering Heat Dome Hits Europe

It’s “the most extreme event ever seen in European climatology,” said one climatologist. “Nothing stands close to this.”

Worst drought ‘in living memory’ threatens the world’s olive oil supply

By early August, sweltering heat and a lack of rainfall had pushed almost two-thirds of land in the European Union into drought conditions.

Glaciers vanishing at record rate in Alps following heatwaves

The Alps’ glaciers are on track for their highest mass losses in at least 60 years of record keeping

Over 1,000 Die as Record-Breaking Heat, Wildfires Scorch Europe

Spanish officials said 360 people died in the country between July 10 and 15, while more than 650 people have died in Portugal over the past week.

Europe heatwave: France braces for record-breaking temperatures as Spain battles forest fires

Temperature could exceed 42C in parts of France as scientists warn heatwaves will hit earlier than usual due to climate change

EU overshoots 2020 climate target, records 34% drop in emissions

The European Union slashed greenhouse gas emissions 34% below 1990 levels by 2020, overshooting the bloc’s target of 20%