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Redwoods are growing almost as fast in the UK as their Californian cousins

Giant sequoias (known as giant redwoods in the UK) are among the tallest and heaviest organisms that have ever lived on Earth, not to mention they have the potential to live longer than other species.

‘A joy to watch’: UK rewilding brings endangered species back from brink

Local wildlife restoration starting to boost populations of dormice, birds, butterflies and others – and helping humans along the way

Beaver spotted ambling around Welsh garden in broad daylight

Beaver spotted at end of last year – the first to appear in the wild in Wales for centuries – makes surprise daytime appearance

Climate protesters who squashed cake into King Charles waxwork told to pay damages

The climate protesters who threw cake into the face of a waxwork of King Charles in Madame Tussauds have been ordered to pay the London tourist attraction £3,500 in compensation.

Europe’s Largest Battery Storage System Goes Live in UK

The largest battery storage system on the European continent went live in East Yorkshire on Monday.

UK weather: Devon and Cornwall hit by heavy rain and flooding

Travel disruption expected as rain and thunderstorm warnings remain in place for much of UK

Source of River Thames dries out ‘for first time’ during drought

Head of the Thames is now more than 5 miles downstream as forecasters warn of further high temperatures to come

Bison roam wild in Britain for the first time since the Ice Age

The pioneering project by two leading conservation charities, Kent Wildlife Trust and Wildwood Trust, has been more than two years in the making even before the first Bison bonasus showed her shaggy hide late last week.

Used wet wipes formed an ‘island’ that changed the course of a major English river

A huge mass of wet wipes has formed in the Thames in London, changing the course of the river.

World’s largest vertical farm is being built in the UK and it’s the size of 96 tennis courts

The world’s largest vertical farm is being built to help end the UK’s reliance on imported foods.

1,000-year-old oaks used to create ‘super forest’

​​Scientists have designed an experimental forest in England to work out the best formula for achieving ambitious tree planting targets.

Tesco to stop selling baby wipes that contain plastic in first for UK supermarkets

Retailer is also Britain’s biggest seller of wet wipes, with customers purchasing 75m packs a year