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extreme weather

Extreme rainfall increases exponentially with global warming

State-of-the-art climate models drastically underestimate how much extreme rainfall increases under global warming, according to a study published Monday

Record-breaking heat set to hit southern hemisphere as summer begins

The northern hemisphere experienced a sweltering summer due to climate and meteorological patters. Scientists say the south will not escape.

Death Valley visitors delight in rare ephemeral lakes left behind by storm

Shimmering bodies of water have appeared in the sand dunes of the recently reopened Death Valley National Park after a summer deluge

Climate-Related Damage Costs $16 Million per Hour on Average Globally, New Study Estimates

Over the past 20 years, extreme weather events globally, like hurricanes, floods and heat waves, have cost an estimated $2.8 trillion, according to a new study.

‘We Knew This Was Coming’: Deadly Himalayan Dam Burst Was Predicted by Scientists

The climate crisis is melting ice in the Himalayas, threatening to overflow glacial lakes as the Indian government rushes to build new dams.

Global Heat Record for September ‘Shattered’ by Wide Margin

Earth’s average temperature has “shattered” the previous record for September by more than 0.9 degrees Fahrenheit, the biggest monthly margin ever recorded.

India floods: 14 killed and 102 missing after lake overflows and highways washed away

Catastrophic overflow of Lhonak Lake in state of Sikkim caused a dam to partially collapse and submerged army bases

Spain hailstorm destroys nearly $43 million worth of crops as it hits nearly 100% of some farmers’ harvests

Farmers in the southeastern Spain city of Valencia are reeling after severe weather struck the region over the weekend, destroying nearly $43 million worth of crops across thousands of acres of land.

‘Disastrous beyond comprehension’: 10,000 missing after Libya floods

Neighbourhoods washed away in port city of Derna, where two dams burst, with many bodies swept out to sea

Rising Heatwaves and Wildfires: A Vicious Cycle Threatens Air Quality and Health, Says WMO

The climate crisis and soaring temperatures are worsening air quality, WMO says, with ‘knock-on effects’

Extreme El Niño weather switched off South American’s carbon sink

Tropical forests in South America lose their ability to absorb carbon from the atmosphere when conditions become exceptionally hot and dry, according to new research.