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The water has turned a shocking shade of magenta in this Hawaii refuge

Water at the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Refuge, one of the few coastal salt marshes on the island of Maui, has been bright pink since at least October 30.

Extreme drought in southern Africa leaves millions hungry

The drought in Zimbabwe, neighboring Zambia and Malawi has reached crisis levels.

Drought turns Amazonian capital into climate dystopia

A withering drought has turned the Amazonian capital of Manaus into a climate dystopia with the second worst air quality in the world and rivers at the lowest levels in 121 years.

River in ‘wettest place in England’ in Lake District almost completely dry

The upper River Derwent in Borrowdale in the Lake District – famous for its reputation as the wettest place in England – is almost completely dry, leading experts to warn of “disastrous conditions for wildlife”.

Water disasters on both ends of the spectrum – dry and wet – are getting more intense as planet warms, study finds

From lengthy droughts to severe flooding, the intensity of water-related disasters around the world has increased over the last two decades as global temperatures climbed to record levels, according to new research.

Horn of Africa drought trends looking worse than 2011 famine

Trends in a historic Horn of Africa drought are now worse than they were during the 2011 drought in which at least a quarter-million people died, a climate center said Wednesday.

Parts of Europe face risk of drought after historically low winter rainfall

Europe saw the third warmest January on record at the beginning of this year, according to the Copernicus climate monitor.

Venice canals start to run dry as low tide and lack of rain hit

Gondolas unable to navigate some of its famous canals as Venice faces prospect of another drought

With Great Salt Lake at rock bottom, lawmakers aim for rescue

The shrinking Great Salt Lake is facing ecological collapse as salinity levels rise. State leaders hope a hearty snowpack and a surplus in the state budget can save the lake — or at least buy them time.

Two per cent of the world’s rarest zebras wiped out in Kenya’s relentless drought

A grueling two-year drought in Kenya has wiped out two per cent of the world’s rarest zebra species and increased elephant deaths as well.

LA restricts water flow to wasteful celebrity mansions: ‘No matter how rich, we’ll treat you the same’

The city’s water department has a small yet effective solution to keep its famous residents’ water use in check – a flow restrictor

China’s biggest lake declares ‘red alert’ as long drought lingers

The central Chinese province of Jiangxi has declared a water supply “red alert” after the Poyang freshwater lake dwindled to a record low