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Bats are in trouble. That’s not good for anyone who likes mezcal, rice or avocado

If you’ve ever enjoyed coffee, tomatoes, corn, bananas, mangoes, walnuts, chocolate, tequila or mezcal, you may just owe bats a thank-you.

Reinventing the eel: first lab-grown eel meat revealed

Wild freshwater eels are at risk of extinction due to overfishing but their meat can now be cultivated from cells

Europe’s olive oil supply running out after drought – and the odd hailstorm

Heatwaves around Mediterranean have damaged harvests and forced producers to import from South America

Farmers in Italy Switch to Mangoes, Other Tropical Fruits in Response to Climate Change

Amid warming temperatures caused by climate change, some farmers in Italy are cutting back on growing traditional crops of the country, instead focusing on producing fruits that are commonly grown in tropical areas.

‘This could be the holy grail to replace palm oil’ – research team

A Scottish research team believe they may have produced the “holy grail” alternative to palm oil.

‘Tax beef’ – Denmark finds ways to tackle climate change

Applying taxes to beef products could be one way to reduce CO2 emissions, says the Danish Government

Cultured Meat Brand Aims To Spare 27 Million Animals After Raising Nearly $100M

A Dutch cultivated meat brand has raised $35 million in a funding round, bringing its total amount raised to $95 million.

Heat Waves in Europe Threaten Olive Harvest for Second Consecutive Year

Olive harvests are expected to face a second challenging year in a row as heat waves threaten crops across Europe.

Cultivated meat: Lab-grown meat without killing animals

For thousands of years, humans have slaughtered animals for meat. But Dr. Uma Valeti dreamt of a different way: eating chicken without having to kill a chicken. He figured out how to “grow” meat directly from animal cells.

‘A Wake Up Call’: The World Needs to Prepare for Massive Crop Failure

Climate change is messing with the jet stream, and it means more extreme weather events in the future.

Chinese scientists create edible food packaging to replace plastic

By incorporating certain soy proteins into the structure, Chinese University of Hong Kong scientists successfully created edible food packaging.