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How Paris Cleaned Up the Seine, and Where to Swim

Eight years after Paris city officials resolved to clean up the Seine once and for all, the city has declared victory over E. coli

Oxygen discovery defies knowledge of the deep ocean

Scientists have discovered “dark oxygen” being produced in the deep ocean, apparently by lumps of metal on the seafloor.

Greece shuts Acropolis and Adriatic Sea hits record-high temperature as extreme heat bakes Europe

The Acropolis in Greece shut for hours, record-breaking ocean temperatures off Croatia and plans to feed zoo animals popsicles in Italy — southern Europe is baking under a “hellishly hot” heat wave.

Dubai heatwave: Temperature feels like 62°C as scientists explain extreme conditions

Dubai is experiencing an intense heatwave with the “feels like” temperature soaring to 62C (143.6 Fahrenheit), according to US-based weather reports.

Secret ‘sky island’ rainforest saved by new discoveries

Perched on a remote mountain top and surrounded by lowlands, Mabu is what’s known as a “sky island” and is the largest rainforest in southern Africa.

To protect mangroves, some Kenyans combat logging with hidden beehives

The group has concealed beehives in the top branches of mangroves as silent guardians. The bees are meant to attack unsuspecting loggers.

As World’s Springs Vanish, Ripple Effects Alter Ecosystems

Springs, which bring groundwater to the surface and support a host of unique species, are disappearing globally, victims of development and drought.

‘Level 8 storm’ incoming: City slammed as 70 neighbourhoods report flooded roads, houses

Cape Town – As torrential rains and heavy winds continue to batter the metro, a level 8 warning has been issued that it will likely get worse tomorrow.

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest sees worst 6 months of wildfires in 20 years, data shows

Brazil’s Amazon rainforest saw its worst six-month period of wildfires in 20 years despite a decrease in deforestation, satellite data showed Monday.

‘Surely we are smarter than mowing down 1,000-year-old trees to make T-shirts’ – the complex rise of viscose

You would be forgiven for thinking that your wood pulp top is sustainable. But you might be surprised to hear just how many forests are being felled to make it

New approach to restore coral reefs on mass scale kicks off in Hawai‘i

If successful, the project could provide knowledge for how to restore ailing reefs around the world suffering from an onslaught of human-driven thermal stress.