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Documentary short: Carnivorous Plants

Carnivorous Plants intimately details the biology, history and life of one of the worlds strangest plants: the Venus flytrap. Perfectly adapted to it’s region, which only spans a 70-mile radius in Southeastern North Carolina.

Its uniqueness comes at a price, though. Rapid land development is destroying habitats suitable for this plant, and it is recognized by the state as an endangered species. Time may be running out for this amazing plant, and the time to act to save it is now.


Directed by Sam Draper
Cinematography by Brayden Roberge
Sound by Julia Morris and Chase Tharington
Camera Assistant Cole Secura
Interviews with Jessica Roach and Christopher Helms
Archives from William-Randall Library
Archivist Rebecca Baugnon

Special Thanks to Rebecca Baugnon, NC State Parks and UNCW

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