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Blizzy and her mum, Wyntir. > Photo: Facebook/Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary
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Rhino orphan Wyntir welcomes her second calf: A symbol of hope for conservation effort

Care for Wild recently celebrated as rehabilitated rhino orphan Wyntir gave birth to her second calf, marking a milestone in conservation efforts.

In a heart-warming turn of events, Wyntir, a rehabilitated rhino orphan, recently gave birth to her second calf at Care for Wild on International Rewilding Day, March 20.

This event not only signifies a personal triumph for Wyntir, but also holds immense importance in the broader context of rhino conservation efforts.

Care for Wild, an organisation committed to the rescue, rehabilitation and reintroduction of rhinos into their natural habitats, played a pivotal role in Wyntir’s journey. After being orphaned in 2014 at the tender age of two months, Wyntir weighed a mere 107kg and was found alone in the Kingfisherspruit area of the Kruger National Park.

Some poachers had mercilessly killed her mother, leaving her vulnerable to predators. Despite sustaining injuries, including the loss of her ears from hyena attacks, Wyntir’s resilience and will to survive remained unwavering.

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Her story took a hopeful turn when she was rescued and brought to Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary, where she underwent extensive care and rehabilitation. Alongside her was Storm, another rhino orphan whose family had fallen victim to poachers over a decade ago. Together, Wyntir and Storm embarked on a remarkable journey of healing and recovery under the dedicated care of the sanctuary’s staff.

The birth of Wyntir and Storm’s first calf, Blizzy, two years ago marked a historic moment in rhino conservation. Blizzy became the world’s first calf born to parents who were both orphaned due to poaching, conceived and delivered naturally. This remarkable event not only underscored the resilience of these animals, but also served as a beacon of hope for the conservation community worldwide.

Now, with the arrival of her second calf, Wyntir’s legacy continues to inspire. Her offspring symbolise the possibilities of restoration and renewal in the face of adversity. As Care for Wild continues its mission to secure the future of rhino species through viable breeding populations and community protection, Wyntir’s story stands as a testament to the power of compassion, resilience and unwavering dedication to wildlife conservation.



Yolandi Hyman at The Citizen

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