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Great Barrier Reef’s worst bleaching leaves giant coral graveyard: ‘It looks as if it has been carpet bombed’

Scientists stunned by scale of destruction after summer of storm surges, cyclones and floods

Billions in ‘magical’ spending questioned as coral reefs fail around the world

Climate change has been singled out as the leading cause of bleaching across the world’s coral reefs.

Playing thriving reef sounds on underwater speakers ‘could save damaged corals’

Coral larvae more likely to settle on degraded reefs bathed in marine soundscapes, Caribbean study shows

The secret to saving our reefs may lie in the sea cucumber

Although the humble sea cucumber may not look like much, it could soon be recruited to help save the world’s coral reefs.

Coral reef that ‘shouldn’t exist’ thrives off B.C.’s Pacific Ocean, biologist says

It started with a tip from the local First Nation of a “bump on the sea floor” where the fish liked to be and led to the discovery of Canada’s only known live coral reef.

Bleaching fears along 1,000km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef

Scientists are reporting corals are bleaching white and dying from rising ocean temperatures across a more than 1,000km stretch of the Great Barrier Reef.

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Florida coral reef still struggling after 2023 heat wave

Coral reefs off the Florida Keys islands are struggling to recover from last summer’s record-breaking heat wave, new data showed Thursday, in another sign of the devastating impacts of human-caused climate change.

‘Literally off the charts’: global coral reef heat stress monitor forced to add new alerts as temperatures rise

Three new levels added by US Coral Reef Watch after ‘extreme’ unprecedented heat, with highest alert warning of ‘near complete mortality’

Scientists Map Largest Deep-Sea Coral Reef Off Atlantic Coast

For the first time, scientists have succeeded in mapping the largest deep-sea coral reef in the world, which runs hundreds of miles off the Atlantic coast of the United States.

Coral Reefs Are in Trouble. One Lab in the Desert Is Trying to Help.

A program in the United Arab Emirates is growing corals native to the Persian Gulf that have evolved to withstand high temperatures.

‘Unprecedented mass coral bleaching’ expected in 2024, says expert

2023 is first year of potential pair of El Niño years and since 1997, every instance of these pairs has led to mass coral mortality

Pristine Coral Reefs Discovered Are Thousands of Years Old And Teeming With Life

An international expedition from the Schmidt Ocean Institute has revealed the presence of two pristine, cold-water coral reefs growing alongside the walls and bases of several seamounts over 1,000 feet below the surface.