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What to Watch on Waterbear This Week

Waterbear Network is a free online film-streaming service, which has partnered with more than 80 charities and NGOs around the world — will shine a spotlight on the most critical issues facing the planet today. Register Free here

Andrea Bemis, a farmer in Parkdale, Oregon, has committed to eating only locally sourced food for an entire month. The film documents her journey as she travels throughout the Pacific Northwest in search of not only the food that fills her kitchen but the people and places that make that food special. Throughout the month, Andrea fishes for tuna, stomps grapes, milks cows, harvests her pigs, hunts for mushrooms, and meets beef ranchers.


Join Ben­son Kanyem­bo, Law Enforce­ment Advi­sor for Con­ser­va­tion South Luang­wa (CSL), and his team of four rangers, train­ing to take part in Tusk’s Wildlife Ranger Challenge.


Benson was the Tusk Wildlife Ranger Award winner last year. More than 50 ranger teams across Africa will be taking part in a global collaborative fundraising initiative to support the men and women working tirelessly in the face of the tragic economic impact of Covid-19 to safeguard the continent’s iconic wildlife.


The illegal fishing trawler “Thunder” was making dirty millions for ten years – right until the ocean activists of Sea Shepherd caught sight of it. For more than 10,000 miles the Sea Shepherd vessels, the Bob Barker and the Sam Simon, chase the poachers across international waters to put a stop to the killing of protected wild life. Chasing The Thunder is a real-life thriller in rough seas – an epic 110-day sea chase across three oceans and two seas, where an international crew and two fearless captains proof that conviction and resilience will make a difference where governments fail. Chasing The Thunder is the festival recut of Ocean Warriors, featuring the high-seas documentary about Sea Shepherd’s epic 110-day, 10,000-mile chase of the Thunder, considered the world’s most notorious poaching vessel.


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