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Month: July 2022

Invasive species bullfrog and snake cost world $16bn – study

Scientists tallying the economic damage wrought by invasive pests across the world found two species are responsible for more harm than any other.

Biodiversity survey reveals that more species are threatened with extinction than previously thought

While considering the types of species and ecosystems they know best, experts estimated that about 30% of species have been globally threatened or driven extinct since the year 1500.

“A perfect storm”: Drought, extreme heat and two faulty wells threaten a North Texas town’s water supply

“We’re on the brink. We’re teetering. It’s a balancing act. It’s a 50/50 proposition,” said Gunter City Manager Rick Chaffin.

Forget olive oil. This new cooking oil is made using fermentation and requires 99% less water to produce

Conventional vegetable oils lead to devastating deforestation. Zero Acre’s first cooking oil is made by fermentation instead.

Air pollution is ‘likely’ to raise dementia risk

Cognitive decline in older people more likely to be accelerated by exposure to emissions, finds review of 70 studies

Climate change and vanishing islands threaten brown pelicans

A dozen years ago, there were around 15 low-lying islands with nesting colonies of Louisiana’s state bird. But today, only about six islands in southeastern Louisiana harbor brown pelicans

Scientists find 30 potential new species at bottom of ocean

Natural History Museum scientists seek to unlock mysteries of deep sea but some fear activity will disturb diversity of the depths

Glaciers vanishing at record rate in Alps following heatwaves

The Alps’ glaciers are on track for their highest mass losses in at least 60 years of record keeping

Disney VIP world tour will produce 6.2 tonnes of carbon for each guest

Travellers on ‘bucket list adventure’ costing $110,000 will emit 20 times more than poor people do in a year

US to plant 1 billion trees as climate change kills forests

The Biden administration on Monday said the government will plant more than one billion trees across millions of acres of burned and dead woodlands in the U.S.

California Oak Fire Rages Out of Control as Biden Mulls Climate Emergency

Climate campaigners have warned that the U.S. president is “fighting fire with the trickle from a garden hose.”

Industrial soy drives deforestation spike in southeastern Brazil, satellite images show

Deforestation is rising in the southeastern state of Mato Grosso, due in large part to industrial soy production