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Month: October 2023

UK backs suspension of deep-sea mining in environmental U-turn

Britain is backing a moratorium on commercial deep-sea mining, after criticism from scientists, MPs and environmentalists of its previous stance in support of the emerging industry.

Amazon deforestation linked to long distance climate warming

Deforestation in the Amazon causes land surfaces up to 100 kilometres away to get warmer, according to a new study.

Inside the lab that’s growing mushroom computers

The lead researcher says he is “planning to make a brain from mushrooms.”

They went hunting for fossil fuels. What they found could help save the world

White hydrogen – also referred to as “natural,” “gold” or “geologic” hydrogen – is naturally produced or present in the Earth’s crust and has become something of a climate holy grail.

Time to Treat Climate and Biodiversity Crises as One Global Health Emergency, Major Editorial Argues

A new editorial published in more than 200 health journals challenges health professionals and world leaders to look at global biodiversity loss and climate change as “one indivisible crisis” that must be confronted as a whole.

‘A joy to watch’: UK rewilding brings endangered species back from brink

Local wildlife restoration starting to boost populations of dormice, birds, butterflies and others – and helping humans along the way

As population ‘flattens,’ North Atlantic right whales remain at risk

A new population estimate for North Atlantic right whales found about 356 individuals left in 2022, which suggests the population trend is “flattening.”

Scientists discover hidden landscape ‘frozen in time’ under Antarctic ice

Scientists have discovered a vast, hidden landscape of hills and valleys carved by ancient rivers that has been “frozen in time” under the Antarctic ice for millions of years.

‘Electrowinning’ could help win the race to clean up dirty steel

Startup Electra wants to replace blast furnaces with battery-like systems that use acid solution and clean electricity to pull pure iron out of low-grade steel ores.