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Antarctica’s ‘Doomsday Glacier’ Is Melting Even Faster Than Scientists Thought

Warming waters are reaching several miles into Antarctica’s Thwaites Glacier—nicknamed the “doomsday glacier” because of its potential impact on sea-level rise

Global Tribunal Issues ‘Historic’ Ruling for Oceans and Small Island Nations

An international tribunal on Tuesday delivered a decision that green groups and leaders of small island nations celebrated as a “groundbreaking victory for ocean and climate protection.”

It’s not just rising sea levels – the land major cities are built on is actually sinking, NASA images show

Rising sea levels are threatening the East Coast of the U.S., but that’s not the only thing to worry about, according to NASA.

This Antarctic glacier dramatically retreated. Then, its ice shelf totally collapsed

Cadman Glacier in Antarctica retreated 5 miles in just 2.5 years, causing its ice shelf to collapse, according to scientists who used satellite images and ocean measurements. Higher ocean temperatures likely hastened the glacier’s deterioration, which contributes to global sea level rise. This indicates potential similar threats for neighboring glaciers.

See SWOT Mission’s Unprecedented View of Global Sea Levels

Data on sea surface heights around the world from the international Surface Water and Ocean Topography mission yields a mesmerizing view of the planet’s ocean.

Key chunk of Antarctica destined to melt even if humanity slashes carbon emissions, study says

No matter how much the world cuts back on carbon emissions, a key and sizable chunk of Antarctica is essentially doomed to an “unavoidable” melt, a new study found.

‘Alarming Trend’: Despite Growing Climate Threat, Venice Avoids UNESCO Endangered Listing

“If nations continue to ignore the existential threat climate change poses to places like Venice, they could be irrevocably damaged or lost forever,” said one climate expert.

Small Island Nations Take High-Emitting Countries to Court in Landmark Climate Justice Case

Countries threatened by rising sea levels are asking a tribunal to decide on responsibility for pollution of the marine environment

A billion-dollar coastal project begins in Louisiana. Will it work as sea levels rise?

Nearly $3 billion in settlement money from the BP Deepwater Horizon disaster that devastated the Gulf Coast and killed hundreds of thousands of marine animals is now funding a massive ecosystem restoration in southeastern Louisiana’s Plaquemines Parish.

‘Coastal squeeze’: the fight to save shoreline habitats from rising tides

Seawalls are causing intertidal habitats to vanish as ocean levels increase. But eco-entrepreneurs say artificial rockpools and crevices can save wildlife.