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Month: May 2024

UK breakthrough could slash emissions from cement

Scientists say they’ve found a way to recycle cement from demolished concrete buildings.

Alaskan rivers turning orange due to climate change, study finds

Dozens of rivers and streams in Alaska are turning rusty orange, a likely consequence of thawing permafrost, a new study finds.

Global Tribunal Issues ‘Historic’ Ruling for Oceans and Small Island Nations

An international tribunal on Tuesday delivered a decision that green groups and leaders of small island nations celebrated as a “groundbreaking victory for ocean and climate protection.”

Microplastics found in every human testicle in study

Microplastics have been found in human testicles, with researchers saying the discovery might be linked to declining sperm counts in men.

Why Are Tuna Crabs Swarming Off the Coast of San Diego?

Scientists are perplexed by the massive group of crustaceans, but they suspect the animals were pushed north by strong ocean currents originating near Mexico

Orcas have attacked and sunk another boat in Europe — and experts warn there could be more attacks soon

A group of orcas known to attack boats in southwest Europe have sunk a 50-foot sailing yacht in the Strait of Gibraltar after ripping open its hull.

Scaling up: the app that’s transforming lives in South African fishing communities

Abalobi provides a real-time marketplace for fishers to sell their catch, while also monitoring fish populations, and the tech could go global

K-pop fans around globe rally for climate and environment goals

Fans of Korean pop bands around the world are urging K-pop entertainers to cut waste and raising awareness about climate-related issues.

A strange fungus could transform emerging cicadas into ‘saltshakers of death,’ scientists say

This spring, billions of cicadas will emerge after more than a decade underground, ready to climb into the trees and make a ruckus as they sing to attract mates.

Biodiversity loss is biggest driver of infectious disease outbreaks, says study

Researchers say reducing emissions and biodiversity loss and preventing invasive species could control disease

In the Caribbean, Hammerhead Sharks Return to School

The detection of schooling behavior is a promising sign of recovery for the iconic and endangered hammerhead shark

Outgoing UN Expert Calls for Global Grassroots Movement to Dislodge ‘Diesel Mafia’

The growing global recognition of the human right to a clean environment “is up against an even more powerful force in the global economy, a system that is absolutely based on the exploitation of people and nature,” said David Boyd.