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Dominica creates world’s first marine protected area for sperm whales

The tiny Caribbean island of Dominica is creating the world’s first marine protected area for one of Earth’s largest animals: the endangered sperm whale.

As population ‘flattens,’ North Atlantic right whales remain at risk

A new population estimate for North Atlantic right whales found about 356 individuals left in 2022, which suggests the population trend is “flattening.”

What scientists saw after traveling 3,400 miles in the Gulf of Mexico

A Rice’s whale was just one of the rare sightings researchers found on the 2-month-long expedition.

‘Super curious’ whale follows kayaker off Bondi beach in Australia

A drone pilot was able to capture the footage of a rather unique encounter which took place over the weekend, where a humpback whale followed a kayaker off Bondi Beach in Australia for a couple of minutes.