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Month: September 2023

Enigmatic fairy circles detected in hundreds of arid areas of the planet

Spanish researchers have created a world atlas of the phenomenon, which has been found in 265 sites in 15 countries

Europe’s olive oil supply running out after drought – and the odd hailstorm

Heatwaves around Mediterranean have damaged harvests and forced producers to import from South America

First otter sighting in Nepal’s Chitwan park in two decades raises questions

A wildlife photographer snapped images of a smooth-coated otter in the Rapti River in Chitwan National Park, where the species hadn’t been recorded in more than two decades.

Farmers in Italy Switch to Mangoes, Other Tropical Fruits in Response to Climate Change

Amid warming temperatures caused by climate change, some farmers in Italy are cutting back on growing traditional crops of the country, instead focusing on producing fruits that are commonly grown in tropical areas.

Japanese scientists find microplastics are present in clouds

Researchers in Japan have confirmed microplastics are present in clouds, where they are likely affecting the climate in ways that aren’t yet fully understood.

Off the reef and on the menu: fishers in the Caribbean wage war on the invasive lionfish

In Venezuela, tourists and fishing communities are being encouraged to catch and eat the lionfish before it wipes out other species

IEA Says ‘Unprecedented’ Clean Energy Surge Has Kept Key Warming Target Alive

The pathway to 1.5°C has narrowed in the past two years, but clean energy technologies are keeping it open

Florida Celebrates Record Green Sea Turtle Nesting Season Amid Climate Change Concerns

In 2023, Florida experienced an exceptional nesting season for green sea turtles, breaking previous records, but concerns about skewed sex ratios in recent hatchlings due to rising sand temperatures highlight ongoing challenges in sea turtle conservation.

Unraveling Africa’s Fairy Circle Mystery – Researchers Identify True Source

For over a decade, the origin of the numerous circular bare patches amidst the African grasslands, known as fairy circles, has been a topic of discussion among researchers.

Meet the young climate activists taking 32 European countries to court this week

The historic climate case is due to begin on Wednesday at the European Court of Human Rights.

Endangered parrot species is now thriving in Texas, researchers discover

Red-crowned parrots first arrived in Texas during the 1980s through the illegal pet trade.

Flowers are starting to spread in Antarctica and experts say that’s not good news

Bringing a pop of color and a promise of spring, flowers are usually a welcome sight – but not in Antarctica.