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The Lower Sioux in Minnesota need homes — so they are building them from hemp

The Lower Sioux tribe in Minnesota is pioneering the country’s first integrated hempcrete operation, transforming industrially-grown hemp into a construction material for sustainable, healthy housing. This initiative, unique in the U.S., also aims to tackle the tribe’s critical shortage of jobs and housing, while acting as a model for other Indigenous tribes.

Experts revive ancient techniques to make concrete more sustainable

A team of experts from EPFL, ETH Zurich, and Archiplein has developed a new type of non-reinforced concrete from stone offcuts. Using methods found in historical archives, the team reduced their use of carbon-intensive cement. They built and tested six load-bearing walls using recovered stone-quarry waste and three types of mortar-based binders.

Low-Carbon Concrete: Is the Future Now?

Concrete is the second most widely used material on Earth, behind only water. But concrete has also historically been detrimental to our environment.

Heimdal pulls CO2 and cement-making materials out of seawater using renewable energy

One of the consequences of rising CO2 levels in our atmosphere is that levels also rise proportionately in the ocean, harming wildlife and changing ecosystems.