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Month: December 2023

Arctic Waters Are Emitting More Carbon as They Warm, Study Finds

The Arctic Ocean may be the planet’s smallest ocean, but it is an important carbon sink that absorbs up to 198 million tons of carbon annually, according to a press release from NASA.

The first EV with a lithium-free sodium battery hits the road in January

Sodium-ion batteries have lower density but are cheaper and perform better in cold weather.

The fish that eats piranhas for breakfast

It is one of the biggest freshwater fishes in the world, growing up to 4m in length and weighing 200kg (440lb) or more.

Uruguay’s green power revolution: rapid shift to wind shows the world how it’s done

Stung by the 2008 oil price spike, Uruguay now produces up to 98% of its electricity from renewables. Can other countries follow suit?

Why Are Alaska’s Rivers Turning Orange?

Streams in Alaska are turning orange with iron and sulfuric acid. Scientists are trying to figure out why

Elephants on the loose after reserve fence stolen

Communities in northern KwaZulu-Natal have been urged to stop cutting and stealing game reserve fences after a group of elephants escaped from the iThala Game Reserve.

More records tumble as China cold snap persists

More low temperature records tumbled across China on Thursday, as the country endures a persistent cold snap that has crowned a year of extreme weather.

Locking Horns With Challenges: How Wildlife Vets Play a Vital Role in Advancing Conservation!

Besides treating animals that live in the wild for diseases and injuries, wildlife veterinarians also assist in introducing animals to new sanctuaries

Rare ‘industrial snowfall’ thought to be caused by pollution recorded in UK

A rare phenomenon known as “industrial snowfall” appears to have occurred near Heathrow airport earlier this year, according to a study.

Baby hippo born in Richards Bay, public warned to keep away for their safety

Over the weekend, news spread of the birth of a baby hippo in Richards Bay.

Wildfires can unlock cancer-causing chemicals from the soil, new research finds

The searing heat from wildfires can transform metals found naturally in the soil into cancer-causing airborne particles, according to a new report.

An extremely rare and endangered bat species has been found in Corsica in France

Researchers have discovered a new bat species considered to be “very rare” and endangered on the French island of Corsica.