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Month: August 2023

Wildlife photographer of the year 2023 – preview

A forest rodeo, a hidden stargazer and a mason bee at work are just a few of the awe-inspiring images featured in the 59th wildlife photographer of the year competition.

Factbox: What to watch at Africa’s first climate summit

Financing and Africa’s negotiating position in upcoming global talks will dominate the continent’s first climate summit in Kenya next week.

Air Pollution in the World’s Most Polluted City ‘Delhi’ is Reducing Life Expectancy by Nearly 12 Years, Finds Study

Delhi, the most polluted city in the world, is grappling with a severe air pollution crisis that is resulting in a staggering reduction of life expectancy by 11.9 years, as revealed by a recent study.

Mexican Navy hopes to expand net-snagging hooks to protect endangered vaquita porpoises

Mexico’s Navy said Wednesday it is planning to expand the area where it sinks concrete blocks topped with metal hooks to snag gill nets that are killing vaquita marina porpoises.

Wildlife Photographer Gets Up Close and Personal with Wolves in the Arctic

On August 24, an amazingly talented 20-year-old photographer named Meline Ellwangerr posting an astonishing video of something that took place when she visited the arctic.

London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone Expands to Entire City

To reduce traffic emissions in the City of London, Mayor Sadiq Khan has expanded London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which imposes a daily charge on the vehicles that pollute most, to the entire city.

Global Air Pollution Is Cutting More Than 2 Years Off Average Human Life Expectancy: Report

“Particulate pollution remains the world’s greatest external risk to human health, with the impact on life expectancy comparable to that of smoking.” High and rising levels of global particulate matter pollution—caused by wildfires, the combustion of fossil fuels, and other…

Idalia to hit Florida as ‘extremely dangerous’ category 4 hurricane, forecasters say

Mandatory evacuation orders issued in at least 28 of state’s 67 counties as storm set to make landfall early on Wednesday Florida’s Gulf Coast braced for fierce winds, torrential rain and surging seawater from Idalia, forecast to become “an extremely…

‘Tax beef’ – Denmark finds ways to tackle climate change

Applying taxes to beef products could be one way to reduce CO2 emissions, says the Danish Government

The Deepening Mystery: How Sea-Ice Retreat is Influencing Marine Life

Increasing Arctic sea ice melting allows sunlight to penetrate deeper into the ocean, affecting marine zooplankton’s migratory behavior.

Short film shines light on South Africa’s untamed coastline

A new short film explores South Africa’s underwater vastness to reveal sanctuaries where sharks and rays find refuge.

Prehistoric bird once thought extinct returns to New Zealand wild

Return of takahē – large, flightless bird – to alpine slopes of the South Island marks a conservation victory in New Zealand