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U.S. sets plans to protect endangered whales near offshore wind farms; firms swap wind leases

Two federal environmental agencies issued plans Thursday to better protect endangered whales amid offshore wind farm development.

Dominica creates world’s first marine protected area for sperm whales

The tiny Caribbean island of Dominica is creating the world’s first marine protected area for one of Earth’s largest animals: the endangered sperm whale.

As population ‘flattens,’ North Atlantic right whales remain at risk

A new population estimate for North Atlantic right whales found about 356 individuals left in 2022, which suggests the population trend is “flattening.”

What scientists saw after traveling 3,400 miles in the Gulf of Mexico

A Rice’s whale was just one of the rare sightings researchers found on the 2-month-long expedition.

‘Super curious’ whale follows kayaker off Bondi beach in Australia

A drone pilot was able to capture the footage of a rather unique encounter which took place over the weekend, where a humpback whale followed a kayaker off Bondi Beach in Australia for a couple of minutes.

Humpback Whales Are ‘Remarkably Resilient’ Even Amid Climate Crisis, New Study Shows

When a researcher first went to study whales from the air, he worried for their future. His recent findings make him hopeful.

Why don’t whales get cancer? Cracking one of medicine’s greatest mysteries

Scientists are homing in on one of medicine’s most baffling mysteries: why some species avoid getting cancers while others are plagued by tumours that shorten their lives.

Lonely tunes: Humpback whales wail less as population grows

Those melancholy tunes sung by humpback whales may really be a sign of loneliness.

An unusually high number of whales are washing up on U.S. beaches

Why are so many humpback whales, right whales, and other large mammals dying along the U.S. East Coast?

Hawaii whale dies with fishing nets, plastic bags in stomach

A whale that washed ashore in Hawaii over the weekend likely died in part because it ate large volumes of fishing traps, fishing nets, plastic bags and other marine debris, scientists said Thursday.

Lobster and crab fishing banned in Massachusetts Bay for 3 months to protect endangered whales

Citing threats to the endangered North Atlantic right whales, federal officials are invoking an emergency rule to ban lobster and crab fishermen from working in a vast area of Massachusetts Bay over the next three months.

Whales ingest millions of microplastic particles a day, study finds

Blue whales consume up to 1bn particles over a feeding season with as-yet-unknown impacts on health