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Explainer: Can solar geoengineering stop global warming?

As the world struggles to renounce its burning of fossil fuels, scientists are studying whether atmospheric geoengineering could help limit warming and avert climate catastrophe.

Inside the lab that’s growing mushroom computers

The lead researcher says he is “planning to make a brain from mushrooms.”

Risky geoengineering should be banned, climate group says

Controversial technologies intended to offset the effects of atmospheric carbon should banned until properly assessed, a group of politicians and scientists have warned, even as they urged developed nations to lead in cutting CO2 emissions.

Even Dimming The Sun Wouldn’t Save Antarctica’s Ice Now, Scientists Say

Geoengineering is often presented as a last-resort technological fix to the climate crisis that can still swoop in and save the day.

But new models suggest that such risky measures, like dimming the Sun, are not enough to save Antarctica now.

Alarm at exodus of climate voices on Twitter after Musk takeover

Half of people regularly tweeting about the climate and nature crises abandoned Twitter after it was taken over by Elon Musk, according to new analysis.

Water-soluble circuit boards could cut carbon footprints by 60 percent

Infineon Technologies is trialing the printed circuit boards in demo units ahead of a potential wider rollout.

Radical ways to fix the Earth: are they magic bullets or just band-aids?

Technologies like geoengineering may tackle global warming – but first we need to ditch fossil fuels for renewable energy

Dished up by 3D printers, a new kind of fish to fry

The 3D-printed fish has the flakiness of traditional fish and when fried and seasoned it is hard to tell the difference

Columbia Researchers 3D-Printed This Vegan Cheesecake

Could the future of cooking be 3D-printing? That’s what researchers at Columbia University set out to investigate in a study that involved 3D-printing a seven-ingredient, seven-layer vegan cheesecake.

AI-powered robots cut out weeds while leaving crops untouched

In farming, weeds can strangle crops and destroy yields. Unfortunately, spraying herbicides to deal with the intrusive plants pollutes the environment and harms human health and there simply aren’t enough workers to tackle all the weeds by hand.

After Mexican government cracked down on solar geoengineering, startup lets off balloons in Nevada

The solar geoengineering startup had to cease operations in Mexico after the government there cracked down on the idea of using chemicals to reflect sunlight away from the surface of the Earth.

Scottish brand Munro reveals world’s most hardcore electric 4×4

A boutique Scottish company is making off-road EVs designed to last for decades. It’s called the Munro Mk_1.