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In Bangladesh, olive ridley turtles break 4-year record with 53% increase in eggs

Bangladesh has seen the highest number of olive ridley turtle eggs this year, a conservationist group says.

Plastic Has Changed Sea Turtles Forever

Even if plastic pollution stopped tomorrow, turtles would be dealing with the repercussions for centuries—at least.

Similar numbers of male and female turtles hatched at Coral Sea site give hope for survival of species

Sex determination of sea turtles is temperature dependent, with the proportion of female hatchlings increasing when nests are warmer

Florida Celebrates Record Green Sea Turtle Nesting Season Amid Climate Change Concerns

In 2023, Florida experienced an exceptional nesting season for green sea turtles, breaking previous records, but concerns about skewed sex ratios in recent hatchlings due to rising sand temperatures highlight ongoing challenges in sea turtle conservation.

Sea turtles have 3000-year-old routines

You might think you’re a creature of habit—but sea turtles have you beat. Green sea turtles in the Mediterranean Sea visit the same areas of seagrass meadows today that they did 3000 years ago.

Watch a Snapping Turtle Hunt and Eat a Snake

Late last month, a short video of a snapping turtle preying on a snake surfaced online and began to go viral.

First Recorded Birth of Critically-Endangered Burmese Peacock Turtle Hatchlings

This little fellow is the Burmese peacock softshell turtle, and he’s sitting here in the hands of one of the first humans to ever hatch them in captivity. As one of the most endangered freshwater turtle species on the planet,…