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How climate change is forcing elephants and humans to share space

As northern Cameroon heats up, elephants are migrating in search of food and water and increasingly finding themselves in face-to-face to humans.

PICS & VIDEO: Elephants return to northern KZN reserve after more than 150 years

Babanango Game Reserve, located in northern KwaZulu-Natal, has announced the introduction of elephants on to its 20 000ha property in a wildlife conservation effort.

Elephant Migration Crisis: Climate Change Forces Massive Movement from Zimbabwe to Botswana

Elephants from Zimbabwe are seeking water in Botswana in greater numbers, and earlier than usual.

Southern Africa has more elephants than previously estimated

An aerial survey shows that southern Africa has more elephants than previously estimated.

Watch: Wild Elephant Finds Bag Of Drugs In Forest In China

The video shows the elephant breaking away from the pack and sweeping the ground with its trunk before tossing up a bag of black bag.

Congo Basin’s elephants boost carbon capture, but need salt-licks to survive

Forest elephants’ browsing habits play a vital role in shaping their habitat, allowing large, carbon-dense tree species to thrive.

Watch: Baby Buffalo Chasing Elephant Shows Who’s The Boss

The baby buffalo’s mother is seen running behind it, seemingly trying to avoid any confrontation with the elephant.

Desperate elephant tries to get newborn to stand

After giving birth to her calf, this new mommy elephant panics as the newborn struggles to stand. But she keeps on trying to help it up, and it is just so special to watch.

Tourism boost for local communities as Big Five introduced in KZN reserve

The Babanango Game Reserve has been rewilding the area, with lions recently added to the mix after over a century.

Watch What Happens When a Young Elephant Approaches 12+ Lions

This video brings us right into the heart of Kenya, Africa, the Masai Mara National Reserve. We see a large pride of lions resting quietly under a tree just before a young elephant comes from behind it.

Filmmaker captures breathtaking images of Knysna forest’s elusive elephant cow

After weeks of tracking, living on peanut butter and jam sandwiches, a filmmaker has captured breathtaking pictures of Knysna forest’s lone and elusive surviving elephant cow.

Another species is doing yoga to stay healthy: Elephants

Teddy practiced his balance before stretching his body in a downward-dog pose during a yoga session last week. Afterward, he rewarded himself with a tasty treat.