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Scaredy cats? Wild animals fear humans more than lions, study finds

The sound of ‘super predator’ human voices instils more terror around the waterhole than the big cats’ roar, researchers discover

‘Humans everywhere’: lions cling on in Ethiopia’s last patches of wilderness

‘It’s not just the lions that are under pressure, it’s biodiversity in general,’ warn conservationists, amid a rapidly expanding human population

Tourism boost for local communities as Big Five introduced in KZN reserve

The Babanango Game Reserve has been rewilding the area, with lions recently added to the mix after over a century.

Watch What Happens When a Young Elephant Approaches 12+ Lions

This video brings us right into the heart of Kenya, Africa, the Masai Mara National Reserve. We see a large pride of lions resting quietly under a tree just before a young elephant comes from behind it.

Seen on safari: 20 lions squeeze onto river bank to drink

A pride of 20 lions squeezed together to drink water from a small stream in the Sand River in South Africa’s MalaMala Game Reserve, create quite an image.

Watch: Baboons Hang on to Bridge for Dear Life to Avoid Lions

This troop of baboons found themselves stuck several feet in the air, surrounded by lions. With nowhere to go, they eventually outsmarted the lions in the funniest of ways!